Friday, October 29, 2010

who's that girl?

I believe my three year old - princess - is going through a bit of an identity crisis. 

Either that or I am losing my mind.

Or a combination of both.  Or perhaps one is a result of the other ... yeah, that's probably it!

I never know what to call my daughter.
I never know which name she will answer to. 

I make a simple request like, "Natalie, please put on your shoes."

And in reply I hear, "No, mommy, I'm not Natalie.  I'm Tiana." It takes great restraint on my part not to say, "What does that have to do with your shoes?!"

Or I make a suggestion like, "Natalie, let's play a game," and she says, "I'm not Natalie.  I'm Ariel.  Ariel likes to play CandyLand, mommy."  Okay, great!

At least for now ...
  • she is sticking to princesses, which narrows my pool of name choices to some degree!
  • she is answering me ... it's better to be corrected than to be ignored, right?!

 When you're this cute, you can be whoever 
you want to be, my little princess!

These photos are from a playdate we went to way back in August.  
Love the sunshine and the combination of trampoline jumping and dressing up!


BJ_Mama said...


Yeah, I'm stuck with being ignored in my house :(

SHe IS Stinkin' CUTE, though!

Mommy Lisa said...

She looks like "Belle" there! ;)

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