Sunday, January 6, 2008

Winter Weather Blues

It only seems fitting that my first entry "from the NW" make mention of weather. Yes, it does rain here a lot, and I have pretty much had enough of it! The days are gray and dismal, and the nights last for 15 hours ... seriously, what's up with that? Looking at the forecast for the next 10 days, I find myself wondering, how hard is it to be a meteorologist in Seattle? Day after day after day of rain, possible snow showers, and temperatures around 40 degrees ... delightful!

Last January, my first winter in the NW, I was all but oblivious to the weather conditions and just about anything else for that matter. You see, my world revolved around the tiny human growing in my belly - or my uterus to be more specific. And the majority of my time - if I'm being honest - wasn't spent noticing the conditions outside my window, it was spent "looking at the inside of my eyelids." Thinking about it now, knowing what I know now, I realize that sleep was the perfect escape, like a vacation on a sunny beach in Hawaii. Perhaps that explains my current habit of going back to bed when Natalie takes her morning nap; I am just hoping for a brief return to the islands!

Speaking of sleep and Natalie, she actually let me sleep until almost 8:30 this morning - if you don't count the three feedings between the time I fell asleep and then. And when I did open my eyes, I was pleasantly surprised - make that completely shocked - to see rays of sunshine and peeks of blue sky. What a treat! In the time it took to feed Natalie and make a blueberry bagel with cream cheese (my current breakfast fav), the sky had clouded over and wet snow had started to fall ...

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