Sunday, January 6, 2008

Birthday Week!

Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE my birthday! Those who love me - heck even those who barely know me - know that I have been celebrating Birthday WEEK since high school. This probably sounds a little indulgent, however the fact of the matter is, my friends and family have done nothing to try to stop me. If anything, I've received enthusiastic support of my extended celebration ... love it, love it, love it!

This year marks my second Birthday in the NW and my first Birthday as a mommy (last year was my first Birthday as an expectant mommy). To make this year extra special, I did my best to incorporate both aspects - my location and my new profession.

As a nod to my mommy side, Natalie and I hosted a playdate at our house - five other mommies and babies joined us for some tummy time fun and cupcakes. Does it get any better? Festivities included poopy diapers, lots of drool, minimal fussing, and homemade buttercream icing - on the cupcakes, that is!

To capture the NW, I invited six friends to have brunch with me at the Salish Lodge, located at the top of the Snoqualmie Falls. A location where we bring all our out-of-town guests. The scenery is gorgeous - mountains, evergreen trees, roaring water. To me Snoqualmie Falls epitomizes the northwest. I feel blessed to have met so many good friends - here in the NW - who shared in my celebration.

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