Monday, January 21, 2008

Depot Digits

Oh my goodness, random alert, I just remembered the first time I got mommy digits. Yes, friends, this has happened to me before! What can I say, I am one sassy momma! Paint chips in hand and swollen belly abounding, I waddled through my local Home Depot on a Friday night. I realize that sounds a little pathetic, but I was pregnant and desperate to get my nursery painted, so get over it. And apparently, I wasn’t the only pregnant lady in town with this idea because the place was crawling (or should I say, waddling) with pregos and their husbands. In my pregnant mind, this pretty much equates to the local bar scene; only there’s no loud music to shout over, the strobe light has been replaced by fluorescents and clearly there’s no alcohol.
But I did have that uncomfortable sense that someone was “checking me out,” which caused me to look up and make eye contact with … a fellow momma-to-be … to whom I gave a friendly smile. Emboldened by my initial reaction, she approached.

Just based on our shared physical condition, it was clear that we had much in common - growing babies creates a camaraderie that simply cannot be ignored. It’s kind of like the possibility of hooking up draws creepy guys to drunk girls, but I digress - just didn‘t want to lose the bar analogy.

After a decent conversation about nursery decorating, the nuances of registering, and the excitement of surprise gender, we reluctantly said our good-byes. Back to the task at hand - picking out a paint color - and I get a tap on the shoulder. A tiny scrap of paper is being handed to me - it’s owner has a somewhat embarrassed look on her face - and it has her name and phone number.
I scored mommy digits on a Friday night at Home Depot!

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Chi-town momma said...

Let's see if you can score more digits with this baby bump!
While I do strike up conversations with other mommas, I do not ask for the digits. I am not that brazen! :)

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