Friday, January 18, 2008

Blog Expectations

So I am trying to figure out what exactly I hope to accomplish by Blogging. I am honest enough with myself to admit that I am the kind of person who needs purpose, a reason for doing what I'm doing. I am also a visual learner, which means I need to SEE my goals in order to be able to keep them in mind. Considering my current (and seemingly incurable) case of Mommy Brain, I figure it can't hurt to go ahead and "noodle" this through ...

By blogging I hope to ...

  1. create a lasting account of my first year as a mom and Natalie's first year of life
  2. challenge myself to write on a consistent basis - at least two posts each week
  3. share my experiences with other new moms
  4. give my friends and family something to do in their spare time :)

    Okay, that should just about do it. One post down, one to go!

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