Wednesday, August 3, 2011

sisterly love

hanging out in their new {super cute, pink pbk} chairs
playing in the sandbox and coloring pictures
visiting our local zoo and hanging out in the hammock

no matter what they are doing ...
they love each other ... at least for the most part

nhv can have a tough time sharing 
and demands time to play by herself - 
by hurrying to close her bedroom door
as cjv excitedly crawls toward it

but she also looks out for her and takes care of her
and makes her laugh like no one else can!

cjv absolutely lights up when she sees her big sister
she says naaaa-yeeee as soon as she wakes up
she is happiest when she's doing whatever
natalie is doing :)


Chi-town momma said...

Isn't sibling love incredible? Mine have a serious love/hate relationship going these days. They are either playing together like best buds or beating the crap out of eachother - it can turn in a flash! The loving moments melt my heart though...enough to let the hitting seem less painful (but I'm not the one being hit!)

BJ_Mama said...

funny! this sounds EXACTLY like two little munchkins in my house....

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