Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Crawling. Climbing. Walking.

I know.  I know. I know.  All babies develop at their own pace.  All in good time.  When they're ready.

Believe me, I know.  And I've done my best to be patient.  I've tried not to worry.  After a developmental evaluation in June, I felt somewhat reassured. 

It's just really hard not to focus on milestones.  Especially when every other baby - even much younger - around you is hitting them.  And you have a firstborn who reached milestones like she wrote the darn textbook herself!

I have just found it kind of hard to deal with ... there are some complicated emotions (and head games) wrapped up in how your baby develops!

And so this is really just for me to look back on and think, "See, it did happen ... why were you so worried?"

Just after her first birthday, CJV started a very cute army crawl.

At 15 months, CJV graduated from inch-worming to knee crawling.

At just shy of 19 months, we finally experienced another breakthrough, and CJV starting cruising and taking a few steps.  However those steps have been few and very wobbly ...

 At the zoo trying to keep herself from falling backward. 
Oh, how I love that look on her face!

And here she is later that same day at an outdoor concert.
The music and dancing with her big sister was a great motivator.
She took a lot of single steps and a fair share of spills.

But each time she got back up with a look of determination on her face!

In the past month, we've also seen her climb just about anything in her path ... she would spend all day going up and down the stairs, scaling the bookshelves, and getting onto the couch.

She also enjoys building her upper body strength with pull ups ...

 I love the discarded kitchen towel on the floor!

Most recently, Daddy allowed her to climb onto the bench and then the top of a picnic table at the pool.  And I just had to capture her holding onto that umbrella pole - not to worry daddy was right there to catch her!

Drum Roll, please ...

Almost six weeks later at the age of 20 months, I think today we can officially say that CJV is walking!  Apparently, she read my email last night because I was commiserating with another mom whose 20-month old is using a walker.  I was feeling very discouraged and wondering if Charlotte needs more support/therapy to get her walking.  And so, what does my little peanut do?  Of course, she starts walking.  I swear, it's like she knew!

And tomorrow I am determined to capture that delightfulness on camera!


Emmett Joseph said...

Yay, CJV! Before long you'll be running, and Mommy will wish she still had a crawler :)

tessica said...

Beem reading your blog for awhile, and that is wonderful news to hear!

Jessica {Team Rasler} said...

Hooray! You have been VERY patient, and it was tough. I'm so excited to see CJV's new skill in action soon!

K A B L O O E Y said...

YES! Mine was late to do, well, quite a lot. She's six and just fine now. But I know what it feels like to wonder. Glad you're getting good news. Go, girl.

Mona said...

She stole my heart today feeding me sand soup at the table and smiling her sweet smile. So proud of your big girl and you for for your strength and patience

BJ_Mama said...

YAY!!!!!! CJV! CJV! CJV!

I just want to remind you (again with a smile and GI-NORMOUS HUG) That I have been there. I'm sorry Cashton is being Ridicoulous right now and walking so early. :[
Unfortunately I wasn't blogging when Sam was CJV's age....but if I was...OH BOY! You have a LOT more patience than I did/do.
Speaking of which every post I read of NHV has me discouraged about Sam. So Hang in there MAMA!
That's all I got for advice....cuz if I knew the answers....I'd tell them to myself. :)

Working Mommy said...

DD took quite a while to walk and do anything but hold a bottle on her own...but now DS is determined to walk in order to keep up with her! We all worry as parents, it is just who we are...but the kiddos will come along and catch up with each other eventually!


Chi-town momma said...

her face in that first pic is hilarious! And I am WAY impressed that she can do a pull up like that...has she been Shredding?

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