Tuesday, August 2, 2011

check ups

I took both girls to see our family doctor today.

It was Natalie's four year check up and Charlotte's 18-month check up (purposely two months late because she's seen plenty of white coats recently).  Overall, both are healthy.  Charlotte, my little peanut, is still an enigma but "continued monitoring" is the current prognosis ... and one I will gladly take over bad news.  Natalie is going to participate in a sleep study to rule out sleep apnea, but otherwise passed her physical  with flying colors!

Natalie is 42 inches tall and weighs 37 pounds.
Charlotte is 29 inches tall and weighs 17 pounds.

I've never done back-to-back check-ups, but it went surprisingly well.  Each girl took a turn.  I got all of my questions/concerns answered.  And both girls handled their shots like true rock stars!

As is tradition, we walked across the street to see the fountain ... to ponder life, fade the memory of those shots, and celebrate!


Jessica {Team Rasler} said...

Cute pictures! I wasn't brave enough to do back-to-back checkups even though their birthdays are two days apart, so I'm impressed! Glad everyone is healthy and happy.

Chi-town momma said...

sweet pic - love the one of NHV looking over her shoulder. B got his shots today...he did great but wowser 4 shots is a lot at this age!!! I always do the back to back checkups - so much easier to take them once and be done! We celebrated with Au Bon Pain in the hospital lobby, yum!

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