Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Princess and the Pea

As we were finishing dinner, Natalie got up her chair and discovered that she had been sitting on a pea.  An observation that in itself got a good giggle.

However, CPV took it to the next level when he asked, "Is your butt bruised?  You're a real princess who sat on a pea, so your butt must be bruised." {you know, like in the story}

Natalie squealed with delight, ran into the living room, and proceeded to take off her clothes with lightning speed ... including her panties.  She then contorted herself in all kinds of ways in an attempt to get a good look at her bum, and finally shouted out, "Hey, my butt IS bruised.  Check it out!"

We got treated to a few more naked booty shakes before she put her dress up clothes back on and proceeded to take her plate to the sink ... without missing a beat.

Love that girl!


Mommy Lisa said...

Ah the little kid naked booty shake dance. ;) Too Funny!

BJ_Mama said...

LOVE HER! At least she put her clothes back on...if this were to happen in our house, we would have a naked booty running around ALL NIGHT!

Lee-Ann said...

LOL That is great!

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