Friday, May 27, 2011

give her a book and a toy

Those were my exact words to Natalie.

Charlotte was a little grumpy just as it was time for me to start dinner.  So in the crib she went ... for some binky sucking and relaxing ... and containment.  I needed her to stop fussing and to stay put.

At the time, Natalie was happily and busily playing in her room.  Blissfully unaware.  I mentioned my plan to start dinner and told her she was not allowed to climb into Charlotte's crib.

As soon as I got to the kitchen and grabbed the ground beef from the fridge, I heard Natalie call down from upstairs ... which wasn't  necessary because I had the monitor on and could hear everything.

"Mommy, baby sister wants to play."

'No, Natalie, leave baby sister alone.  She's resting."

"But, I'm going to give her something to play with."

"Okay, honey, give her a book and a toy."

A lot of commotion in the monitor tipped me off that something was going on.  I dumped the meat in the pan, turned on the burner,  and headed upstairs to find ... this ... 

Apparently, what she heard was, "Give her EVERY book and EVERY toy in her entire room!"

I was so busy being shocked, cracking up laughing, and grabbing the camera that I completely forgot about the meat, which burnt to a crisp!  The whole house smelled awful and my dinner plans were effectively ruined.

Leaving us only one choice ... Chipotle!


Emmett Joseph said...

That is hilarious!! Leave it to a kid :)

chitownmomma said...

Love this pic! Hilarious!

BJ_Mama said...

AWESOME! I too have a picture of Cashotn asleep in his carseat (well, at least I thought that's where I left him) The whole thing was mounded full of toys and blankets, courtesy of Sam....he remained sleeping the whole time. At least we know they can share, right!

Jessica said...

What a good big sister, keeping CJV entertained! Chipotle us always a great choice. :-)

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