Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Day

The sunshine has NOT been in abundance here in the NW. It has been a rainy, dreary spring with a very occasional ray ... I mean, day ... of sunshine!  Today was beyond beautiful!  Seeing the sun on the weekend is like winning the lottery!  The mountains were calling, and so we drove east to one of our favorite hikes, Rattlesnake Lake.  We did not attempt the scenic hike with the girls - this time, but we did have a picnic lunch by the lake.

Natalie was thrilled to finally be able to wear a tank top without a sweater on top.  It's the simple pleasures, I tell ya!  She even took off her shoes and felt the grass and muck between her toes!

Charlotte just wanted down ... to crawl amongst the muck and goose poop.  Oh, what's the mama of a very active crawler to do?  You guessed it, invest in some good stain treater and lots of hand sanitizer!  She was in a little slice of heaven all her own!
A little father-daughter bonding in an amazing setting!

And, look, there's even proof that I was there ... with my two crazy girls!


Epiphius said...

We love rattlesnake lake too! The education center just another "block" or two in is super if you haven't been there yet!

BJ_Mama said... fun! As if I needed another beautiful reason to come and visit! :)

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