Saturday, October 16, 2010

mornings with my girls

I took these photos at 7:30 in the morning on Wednesday.  

Charlotte still in her adorable pink footsie pajamas and wearing a baby mohawk, a result of a bath the night before and me rubbing her head while she nursed before bed.

Natalie already out of her {Ariel} nightgown - the only pair of pajamas she will even think about wearing - and into her {Tiana aka the Frog Princess} dress-up outfit: hot pink leotard, fabulous skirt made by my friend CrazyCraftyCarrie, and ... socks as gloves - that's her new thing this week :)  Look closely and you'll even see a stuffed frog in her lap.

Charlotte can't take her eyes off me.  She wants her big sister's attention. She wants to play and sing songs and be smothered with kisses.

Natalie is quick to give me a smile when she first wakes up, and she usually chats a bit about her dreams. Some mornings I can talk her into a quick snuggle. After transforming herself into the princess-of-the-day, she usually plops down (in the W sitting position) and reads a stack of books.  Looking at the camera before she's had her breakfast, well, that's not going to happen :)

I love the time I spend with my girls in the morning.

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