Sunday, September 26, 2010

NHV - September 2010

Getting so tall and as cute as ever (in my biased opinion)

Your hair is finally one length and has this great wave
I love the way the left side is always a bit unruly

You have the cutest habit of pushing your bangs to the side 
and out of your face.

It strikes me as a very grown up thing to do.

You are still the best sleeper I know; 
your three hour nap is truly a delight!

You only want to wear your Ariel nightgown ...
I have to bargain with you just to get it washed!

You get out of bed asking, "What are we doing today?"
and with princess dress-up on your mind.

You race to put on your "briding" dress and 
whatever accessories you deem appropriate for the day.

You can spend an entire hour building with blocks,
lining up Little People, or reading a stack of books.

Sharing is not your favorite thing to do, and
sometimes I see you really dig in your heels ...
and you still refuse to eat almost all fruit!
But I think that's just part of being three.

It seems you need a lovey right now ....
You've started carrying around baby Big Bird
and sleeping with him, too.

Ah, yes, you are still my little girl ...

I love you, my sweet Natalie.


BJ_Mama said...

What a BIG GIRL! She is beautiful! and SO SMART!

Chi-town momma said...

How did they get so grown up? Love your thoughts and writing on this one.
Ahh, being three...

Laura said...

Aww my sweet Natalie Helen. Aunt Laura loves you and is so proud of the big girl you are becoming! <3

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