Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Great Question - Fog

The mind of a three year old is such a wonder!

This morning - on our way out the door - doing my best to load both girls plus all of our necessary crap into the car without losing my mind - Natalie made an awesome observation and asked,

"Hey, mommy, why is da 'ky touch-ing d-ose t'ees?"

Such a question gave me pause and caused me to follow her gaze to the tall trees across the street ... the tops of which were covered with a morning fog.  It did, indeed, look the clouds (aka the sky) was touching the trees.

Of course, I then did my very best impersonation of an elementary science teacher and tried to explain the phenomenon of fog ... how it is kind of like a cloud ... and why it happens closer to the ground/trees.

Based on the complete look of confusion on her face, I think she drew a much better (and simpler) conclusion,

"Mommy, it's v-ery cloudy today, huh?"


Emmett Joseph said...

So cute...I just love the way Natalie's mind works :)

BJ_Mama said...

HAHAHA! Perhaps SHE'LL be a future science teacher!

Jessica said...

So cute! My daughter likes to day "it's froggy today".

Kimi said...

So great they way their little minds work!

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