Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Bite Fight

Well, it wasn't much of a fight - per say - but there was most certainly a bizarre bite involved.  Reminiscent of the Tyson vs. Holyfield rematch of long ago.  As if I know a damn thing about boxing ... I had a vague memory of the event and had to ask Chad, "Hey wasn't there some boxer that bit off another boxer's ear."  He gave me the names and then I Googled to fill-in-the-blanks.  But I still think it's a viable comparison to what has now happened TWICE in our house ...

My darling, sweet three year old has bitten her baby sister's index finger ... on two separate occasions.  The biting was completely unprovoked and came out of nowhere.  Both incident happened on daddy's watch - but I am not pointing fingers here.

The first time Charlotte was playing in her Jumperoo.  About a week later, the second time all three of them - NHV, CJV, and Daddy - were playing on the floor.  Both times Charlotte let out a howl of pain that had my heart racing and her mama hurrying to scoop her up and make it better.

Biting is not okay.  I guess it's not completely unheard of for a preschool-aged child to give their chompers a try on some flesh.  But it's still definitely not okay.   And is it just me or does the index finger seem like a strange place to bite?

Well, Charlotte is still such a lightweight (oh, the wrestling metaphor continues) and her fingers are TINY ... I mean, tiny enough that people comment about how small size of her hands and feet ... all the time.  You know how some baby's fingers look like little sausages?  Well, not Charlotte's; her hands look like a doll's.

If this biting continues, I fear that Natalie may just bite her sister's finger .... off ... or break it.

Last night's bite caused Charlotte's finger - from the base to the first knuckle - to swell up badly enough that I called our family doctor. The course of treatment was a cold compress and then wait-and-see.

Thankfully, that adorable little index finger was fully functional this morning!  And I am hopeful - after a good chat with the defending champion - that there will not be a rematch!

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Shell said...

My kids have had their biting episodes and it's so frustrating. Hope that is the end of it for you!

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