Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Vacay in Cabo

During the month of February - here in the NW - there is simply so reason to stick around. The weather is awful, cabin-fever symptoms are at an all-time high, and your body's vit-D supply is all but depleted. It's miserable! And so after a five year vacation hiatus, hubby and I got a much needed vacation while Natalie spent 5 days of QT with Grammy :)
Aaaaah, delightful! We stayed in the new addition to Cabo's oldest hotel, the Hotel Finisterra. The view from our room was palm trees, a multi-leveled swimming pool, and the Pacific beyond. We are fairly low-maintenance, but we also loved everything about our accomodations. The weather was ... well ... perfect! Many margaritas (and a new drink fav, the Monkey) were consumed. We especially loved poolside Happy Hour from 2-4 each day ... good times, I tell ya, good times! I did put my pasty white body in a bikini ... and with the help of 30-spf sunscreen, I returned just about a half shade darker than pasty. We ate one delicious meal after another. The view from the hotel's Whale Watcher's Club bar/restaurant was unbelievable! We enjoyed the cutest Valentine's day dinner ... complete with balloons and carnations and an acostic guitar :)

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Natalie hardly realized we were gone, which made me feel relieved and a bit wounded all at the same time. My mom called us once each day to check-in, and I looked forward to every call. But I also really enjoyed the freedoms of sleeping in, reading a good book uninterrupted, actually tasting the bites of food I put in my mouth, and spending time with the man I love :)

Of course, I also have to admit, I couldn't wait to sing silly songs, read the same
book over and over again, and have my arms filled with my beautiful baby girl!

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