Monday, February 6, 2012

word endings

CJV has a diagnosed expressive language delay.  We have been meeting with a speech therapist since July 2011.  Since her second birthday (two months ago already), her vocabulary and desire to communicate have really blossomed, and it's been so fun to watch her gain new words ... and try to figure out what the heck she's saying ;)

She seems to have a "thing" for word endings

Some words she drops the first syllable all together ... 
'cess: Having an older sister means Charlotte has been playing with prinCESSES from a very early age.  And it was one of her first words.  Not PRINcess.  Just CESS.
'cine: Due to recurring urinary tract infections, Charlotte takes an antibiotic every night.  We call it her mediCINE.  She calls it CINE and reminds us to give it to her as soon as we put on her pajamas!

She also adds endings to a lot of words ... this may be partly my fault because the extra "y" is kind of cute and often repeat it ...
ducky:  In the bathtub or in a book, Charlotte proudly announces duckY every time she sees one!  And the same goes for horseY  Ducky is almost always followed by "qak, qak."  And I love her "neigh, neigh" for horsey! 
walky:  I assume this is true of most toddlers; Charlotte is happiest when she's outside exploring, moving, ... going for a walkY. 

Despite the bike in the photos, this was not a ride. 
It was definitely a walky.

rocky:  When we go for our "walkies" around the neighborhood, Charlotte stops to pick up just about every rockY she can get her hands on.  She proudly holds it up and says, "rockY!" as if it was a brand new discovery!
sockies:  As soon as I pull on her pants, Charlotte is asking about her sockIES.  As soon as I put her in the car, she is taking off her shoes and sockIES, which makes me crazy, btw!

I just really love that we are starting to hear Charlotte's voice, and I always want to remember her sweet, still developing vocabulary!

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BJ_Mama said...

SWEET! Go Charlotte!
I have to tell you, because you are one of the few that understand this.....I always love when you post things Natalie says...but it sometimes makes me sad becasue Samantha's vocabulary isn't there yet.... lately, though, she has been saying some adorable things, and so I KNOW how amazing it is to finally hear those words from your precious babes! Even if it's delayed....we get to have those proud mommy moments with our PERFECT children. (every single one of them)!!!! XOXOXO

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