Monday, February 6, 2012


my cjv loves wa-wa!
she wants to drink it from daddy's cup.
she prances to the tub at the mere mention of "bath time"
she splashes in every puddle she sees (or at least she tries to)

she was drawn - like a moth to a flame - to the ferry (aka water play area) at a children's museum we visited last weekend ... see for yourself!

While it may appear that she is drinking the water (yuck!), it's actually a strainer not a bowl, so most of the water had drained out before she got it to her mouth ... at least that's what I told myself while it was happening and I was happily snapping pictures :) 

She did however manage to get soaked in a matter of about 10 minutes ... and I did not pack an extra outfit.  That's something a first-time mom would do, but not this mom-of-two ... who really should know better :)


Emmett Joseph said...

Seriously, those are the cutest pony tails ever! Wet or dry, you've got yourself a cute little pumpkin there :)

BJ_Mama said...

cute! And this Mom of Almost 3 forgets stuff like that ALL THE TIME!

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