Monday, December 6, 2010

Santa and his Reindeer

The day after Charlotte's 1st Birthday we made the trip to the local zoo for their Reindeer Festival.   All the animal sculptures are "decked" with garland.  Each animal exhibit includes a creative explanation of how the animal helps Santa - the lemurs are his sentinels, the wallaby are mail carriers, ... Best of all, a team of reindeer are on display just outside the cutest little house where Santa greets little boys and girls.

I am hopeful this will become our tradition.

Mainly because this is where we were the day before Charlotte was born last year. I found out about the induction and insisted Natalie see Santa because I wasn't sure when we'd be able to venture out of the house again ... it was a good call because December included recovery and a NICU stay and very cold temperatures and round the clock pumping/feeding ... it was such a blur!

I contracted the entire time, but I am so glad we went! 
My tiny baby bump {aka Charlotte} is tucked beneath my red peacoat.

This year, that baby bump is a little elf  in my arms!

We've had Natalie's Santa photo taken at the zoo for the past three years.  There's never a crowd or a wait.  Santa is in his own little house, just a short walk up a hill and past his team of reindeer.  It's magical, if you ask me :)   I cannot believe how much she has changed, and I cannot wait to add to this collage next year!


Janelle said...

Did CJV get a picture with Santa? These are precious pictures. We may just have to try visiting this zoo.

MommyBrain said...

Yes, CJV was great with Santa ... but that photo has Christmas card potential, so I am holding it back :) You should definitely check out the Reindeer Festival - we went on Friday and there was hardly anyone there.

Emmett Joseph said...

So, So cute! Love these pictures :)

BJ_Mama said...

OH LOVE LOVE LOVELOVELOVE! NHV is growing so fast! I love "watch me grow collages!"
And I have to say, I was just in the store today and saw CJV's elf dress....and I thought of her! (well, first I thought of Cashton...but I'm pretty sure Randizzle wouldn't let his son wear tights...although he did, so that's kind of a double standard...)
Anyway, I'm glad we have the same taste! SO PRECIOUS!

Raising Z said...

What beautiful photos! I can't believe how big Natalie is getting, so beautiful. What a great tradition. We have something similar coming up this week, I can't wait!

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