Wednesday, December 8, 2010

lunch & fruit

I included a smattering of raisins on Natalie's plate for lunch today.  (God forbid.)  She noticed right away and said, "No, mommy, I didn't ask for RAY-sins for yuunch!  Yuk!"  I calmly explained that we eat some fruit with lunch because fruit is good for you and helps your body grow.  (Now whether or  not raisins are the best option for a "fruit" is debatable, but really, I am struggling to get any fruit into her body!)  She nodded her agreement (imagine that) and then told me, "I will eat three raisins because I am three years old. I will not eat all of these raisins. Yuk!"  (Okay, fine!)

Our lunch conversation continued, and we chatted about our favorite parts of the movie Tangled and Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer.  Then, out of nowhere, Natalie stops talking, looks right at my plate, and says, "Mommy, where is YOUR fruit?"  Busted!  And she was right!  Darn, observant three year old!

I grabbed a handful of raspberries from the fridge and offered one to Natalie.  She reacted with much disgust and even agreed to eat all of her raisins as long as she didn't have to eat a berry!  

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Raising Z said...

that is one smart cookie! I hate when they catch us like that ;)

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