Friday, July 9, 2010

It's My Party, and ...

... you know how this ends, right?

Natalie's friends.  Guests at her birthday party.  Having a great time. 

Poor Natalie.  Thought she was just being difficult.  Then realized her eyes had no sparkle.  Still not sure if it was allergies or a head cold, but my baby girl did not feel well :(

And CRY she did.  She also spent a lot of time sucking her binky and resting on a towel in the shade.  Whatever was making her feel lousy did not stop her from eating about half of a cupcake and all of the icing!  But otherwise, she was pretty mellow during the party and took a marathon nap when we got home.

At least it isn't officially her birthday - yet.  We celebrated with Natalie's best friend about a week before her actual day.  And there's more celebrating planned for Colorado!


singedwingangel said...

awww it always sucks when our little ones don't eve fell good enough for their own parties.. Hoping she is back in full swing soon..

Evonne said...

It's so hard when our little ones don't feel well, especially for big days like this. I hope she's better soon!

Lisa said...

Aww poor baby! I hope she feels better real soon. She is beautiful!!

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