Monday, June 11, 2012

reunited with a childhood nemisis

My parents tell the story of this toy cow. That I hated. I was terrified of its mooooo. The mere sight of it sent me running. My uncle and cousins loved to torture me with it. Everyone got a good laugh at my expense. At least that's how the story goes. I have a vague memory of The Cow from when I was about two years old.

I was recently at my parents' house for a visit, and once again The Cow story was told.  Everyone got a good laugh.  Ha. Ha.

And then yesterday we were visiting with good friends who happen to have a collection of vintage toys from childhood.  So cool! 

Amongst those toys ... The Cow.

I couldn't resist posing with the source of some toddler angst.  And I can't imagine why I was afraid of this cute little cow ... except maybe the horns; those are a bit evil-looking!

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