Thursday, June 7, 2012

Now I Know My ABC's

The past month has been huge for Charlotte's language development.  She is talking and singing and pointing out letters - everywhere!  Pretty exciting stuff considering she was diagnosed with a language delay just a year ago and receives speech services twice a month.

Not only does she sing the Alphabet Song, but she also recognizes all 26 letters.  Charlotte loves her Melissa & Doug puzzle (thanks, Aunt Laura).  And we have been playing with a set of foam letters - I swear those things are responsible for my girls knowing their ABC's at relatively young ages!

We play games with those foam letters.  Her personal favorite is "Find Mommy and the Letter."  I grab a letter from the basket, run and hide behind something, she finds me and names the letter I am holding, and then takes it to the rug.  I run back to the basket, grab another letter, and repeat!  She also loves to pull a letter from the basket, name it, and then throw it across the room.  After she's emptied the basket and there are letters all over the floor, I call out a letter and she tries to find it and puts it back in the basket {it's clean-up disguised as fun}.

While she definitely knows the letters, I really love that she's still figuring it all out ... an I is always an H because she turns it sideways.  M and W continue to confuse her - rightfully so!  E and F trick her, too!  She says "L" with her tongue sticking out.  And X is "ek."  When she says, "U" it's followed by "umbrella" and "Z" is for "zipper" - but those are the only two that get words.

From A-Z, I love this little girl!

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Emmett Joseph said...

E still identifies each letter with a word. He can't just say "that's a D" He has to say "it's a D for dinosaur"...funny kids :)

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