Tuesday, April 3, 2012

LEGO® rockstars

Those colorful building blocks are favorites in this family!  Chad's childhood collection - which sat in the basement of his mom's house for many years - has been given a new lease on life!  And now that we have the Lay-N-Go, I love LEGO even more ... and my feet don't suffer!

Even Charlotte gets in on the fun!  While she appears to be sitting so angelically here; deep in concentration on her latest creation.  Don't be fooled!  Her specialty is throw-and-destroy!

This is my favorite recent build.  A rock stage complete with performers and instruments!  Look closely and you'll see a backstage door and dressing room!  There's even elaborate lighting and sound systems.  And that blur in the front ... stadium seating!

1 comment:

BJ_Mama said...

Is that a Nelly Concert, by chance? Just wondering....

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