Tuesday, January 17, 2012

the fruit snack incident

CJV has recently developed an appetite for fruit snacks.
You know those little pouches of chewy, gelatin-like "fruit" snacks.
She loves them ... like she once loved yogurt melts.
It's serious.  The sight of a fruit snack pouch makes her so very happy!

Which is awesome.  Except today, I made a mistake.

I opened the pouch and dumped the fruit snacks onto the high chair tray.

I thought I was doing her a favor.
I thought wrong.

She flipped out!  And Charlotte doesn't ever really flip out.
But she was not happy with my actions and did a good job of expressing it.

And since it was {clearly} my fault, I quickly picked up each one and put them back into the pouch.  Once she noticed what I was doing, she started to calm down and just watched.

{I should've known she as formulating a plan of her own.}

I handed her the {newly filled} fruit snack pouch.

She smiled that fabulous full-face smile of hers.

And then she turned that pouch upside down and proceeded to dump the fruit snacks onto her tray.

Note to self. Charlotte wants to be the one to dump her fruit snacks onto her tray. What was I thinking?!

She handed me the now empty pouch and said, "Yucky!"

Which was her way of saying, "Could you be a doll and throw this away for me?"

She also repeated my directions, "chew, chew," before she popped a fruit snack in her mouth.

I LOVE that sassy little peanut of mine!

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