Tuesday, January 17, 2012


This morning NHV came into our room - as she does most every morning - and hung out while Chad and I were "transitioning" from blissful sleep to the realities of caring for two young children for 12 hours straight.  Trust me, it requires a transition.

Anyway, our sweet four year old was sitting on the floor chatting away ... telling us about her dreams from the night before, asking about our plans for the day, ... the usual onslaught of NHV banter.

For about 30 seconds it got quiet.

And then we heard, "Mommy.  I picked a booger from my nose because it was giving me a distracting feeling."

To which I replied, "Well, where did you put this booger?"

"On the carpet."

Yuck!  "You need to get a tissue for that booger."

"But I can't see it.  It's the same color as the carpet.  It's a camouflage booger!"

Chad is laughing hysterically at this point.

And I would much rather be sleeping than having this conversation, so I reply, "The fact that there's a booger wiped on the carpet is giving me a distracting feeling!"

At least I can safely say that Natalie has a firm grasp on the concept of camouflage, which is a survival strategy ... so that's a good thing, right?

Now I need to go vacuum and hope to capture a cleverly disguised booger!


Rach said...

too cute!

Raising Z said...

that is so FUNNY!!!

Lee-Ann said...

LOL That is hilarious!

Jessica {Team Rasler} said...

So funny (since I don't live there)!

Reminds me of a story I heard from the guy who sold us our new piano (!) from his grandson: "Grandpa, do you know why I pick my nose?"
"Well, no, I don't. Tell me."
"Because the boogers taste so delicious!"

YUCK. But also funny.

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