Monday, June 6, 2011

hair clippie

neither of my girls were born with a lot of hair.
heck, i've never had a lot of hair.
and their hair grows slowly ... just like mine.

natalie rocked a mullet for a good long while.
charlotte has a similar style with a bit more length in the front.

which explains why i feel the need
to put adorable little clippies in her "bangs.

if you are in the market for super adorable,
custom-made hair accessories ...
and if you have a daughter (or two)
you really should be in that market ... 
please check out Millie's Bows,
a local mama with the cutest bows around!

funny story, i actually ordered six new bows for natalie,
and this little flower clippie was included as a little thank you.
natalie loves her bows, and so do I ...
but she refuses to let me take a picture of her wearing them!

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