Monday, June 13, 2011

another fever

My sweet baby has been running a fever since Friday.  We made a trip to the doctor's office on Saturday, but didn't get any answers.  We both got wet and a little cranky but no diagnosis.

Low grade fever with no other complaints.  No runny nose or cough.  No vomiting.  Doctor mentioned that both of her ears are red, but not infected.  We attempted to get a urine sample.  Charlotte was cooperative and peed within 10 minutes of being "bagged."  However, the nurse put it on wrong, and I ended up with a very wet lap.  The chair didn't fair so well, either.

I am fairly certain this is another UTI.  Charlotte's second.  Her first was at the end of February.  Interestingly, Natalie was just treated for a UTI last week.  Not sure what is going on here.

Just know that fever is hanging on.  8 hours after ibuprofen, it rears it's ugliness once again.  Which is why I am typing this at almost 3:00 am.  Charlotte just woke up and cried out this pathetic, I-feel-lousy cry.  I picked her up, felt her forehead, grabbed the thermometer, and confirmed ... the fever is back.

Poor little thing.  I could barely see her - with nothing more than the dim light from the stairway lighting her room.  She was frantically signing "binky."  Once she had that, I asked her if she wanted some milk.  She started signing "drink" and then "milk."  I walked her down to the kitchen, grabbed the cup, and then headed back up to snuggle and rock while she drank.

I hate that she is sick.  But I love that she is so much more confident in her ability to communicate.  Something that brings us both relief.


Dana said...

Are they testing for kidney reflux? That's very often associated w/UTIs in kids. They've told us it's a chicken/egg thing with UTIs in that you can't tell which came first. Char has reflux and they told us that if one kid has it, it's common for siblings to have it too - esp. girls. Uggh, good luck.

Jamie said...

Ive been thinking about her all weekend! I really hope she feels better soon. There is nothing worse or more sad than having your baby sick. I just hope the Dr can figure out whats going on! Are you taking her back in today?

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