Wednesday, March 16, 2011


BJ Mama is at it again.

She's being her generous, creative, talented self.
{Oh, how I love, BJ Mama!}

As a result, CJV is proudly wearing the cutest pair of BeezLegz 

The photos speak for themselves ... total, ridiculous CUTENESS!
And I am not just talking about that tiny baby of mine! 

These little baby leg warmers are practical, too!
Legs are, well, warm.  
And NHV wears them on her arms as princess gloves!

Diaper changes are so easy - no pants to pull up and down.
Imagine the possibilities with potty training!

Tights are an absolute pain, but BeezLegz can be paired with any skirt 
and look adorable even on a dreary winter day in the NW!

If you need a great gift idea, this is it ... because 
one size fits all and BJ Mama offers tons of different styles ...
dare I say, for girls and for boys!

Go grab a pair - or two - and tell BJ Mama I sent you :)

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BJ_Mama said...


Sooooo CA-UTE! CJV, you make me proud! Glad you are enjoying them!

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