Tuesday, March 15, 2011

baby step toward binky freedom

I cannot believe NHV still has her blasted binky!  Apparently I was all talk when I said she would be potty trained, rid of her binky, and sleeping in her big girl bed before Charlotte was born ... 15+ months ago!  I am fairly certain I was 1 for 3 on that proclamation.  The big girl bed transition was smooth; I barely remember it, to be honest.  I remember decorating her room, but the details of her actually sleeping in her big girl bed ... well, that just seemed to go well.  And, at the time, potty training seemed like such a big deal, but it wasn't.  It happened, there were a few accidents, and a lot of reading books while she sat ... but it happened and we survived and it seems like a distant memory at this point.

So, why, oh, why can't I get rid of that damn binky?  Why is that piece of plastic (rubber?) still around?   Why am I dragging my feet and coming up with excuse after excuse?  Charlotte wasn't sleeping through the night, and I was exhausted - that excuse got me through most of the past year. We're traveling in three weeks - that seems like a good enough reason to postpone.  Of course, that's an excuse I've used before.  She was sick last week, and I simply could not bear the thought of taking away that little piece of comfort when she felt so miserable.

But I want - desperately - to be done with it.  We've talked about it ... forever.  Binkies are for babies.  You're a big girl.  The binky isn't good for your teeth.  Perhaps the Binky Fairy will come and take your binky and leave you a special present.  I'd plant that damn thing in the ground if not for the fact that we've had so much rain, I fear erosion may uncover it, and she'd pick it up and start sucking it again ... regardless of the mud!

Since the age of two, Natalie has only been allowed to have her binky in her bed, which meant nap time and nighttime.  My girl is a good sleeper, so that was a large fraction of her day.  But at least she wasn't walking around all day with it in her mouth ... somehow that makes me feel better, but it really shouldn't.  In January she gave up her afternoon nap and replaced it with "rest" time.  However, she continued to suck that binky while in her room "resting" - usually reading books and listening to music.  Lately, she's been asking for the binky all afternoon - long after rest time is over.  Partly because she's tired.  Partly out of boredom - this has been an awful winter, and we have been stuck in the house and not seeing much of our friends. 

I don't want her to have it.  She wants it.  We are both frustrated, annoyed, and grumpy.  Not a good scenario.

So this morning, we had a conversation about the binky only being for bedtime.  Natalie agreed to try going without her binky during rest time.  It was a tough decision for her, but she was so brave and said, "I will try, mommy."   I gave her a big hug, put her binky up high in a cabinet, and mentally prepared for a terrible afternoon.

Surprise.  Surprise.  She did it!  Just as I was putting CJV down for her nap, Natalie asked for her binky.  I pulled her close and whispered, "Remember, you decided to try not having your binky until bedtime.  I know you can do it."

We went about the rest of our day.  We played wooden blocks and baby dolls.  She watched a show while I made a few business calls.  We baked cupcakes.  She played while I prepped dinner.  We played with Charlotte and waited for daddy to get home.  She didn't ask for it again until 7:00.  Natalie said, "Mommy, I'm ready for bed now.  I'm ready for my binky now."  There was such relief in that statement.

Natalie got lots of praise and hugs.  Here's hoping tomorrow will be another baby step toward binky freedom ...


Momma Hunt said...

Oh its good to hear there is hope. My baby turns one in month and she is a binky addict! I have no idea how I will phase it out. At lest i know there is hope!

Jessica {Team Rasler} said...

Yeah, I'm telling myself I don't have to fight this battle until SP turns three, and I'm thanking my lucky stars that Theo started refusing his right around 8 weeks old. Of course he cries for 5-10 minutes before almost every bedtime no matter what we try (and we've tried everything), so it's hard to say which is the better route... : /

Baby steps are a big deal. We've taken many baby steps toward total toilet training success and even though I wanted it done in one fell swoop, we got there. I think I'll have to have the same mentality for the pacifier. Sigh. Thanks for walking this path first!

chitownmomma said...

Such a big statement for a little girl! Love her! How are things going now?

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