Thursday, December 31, 2009

Photos of the Bump

My dear friend - and fellow new momma - Deann ... of Photos by Deann ... happens to be a great and very generous photographer.  She asked if she could "practice" taking maternity photos, and I jumped at the chance ... because a) I regret not doing this when I was pregnant with NHV and b) my friend Chitown Momma assured me that I would regret it again and c) in all likelihood this was my last pregnancy and the last chance to capture the beauty of a bump.

Finding the time between doctor's appointments and nesting-a-plenty proved to be a bit of a challenge, but I am so glad that we did!  And I can't thank Deann enough for sharing her talents with me :)  I am not accustomed to being in front of the camera, and the background and lighting made it feel so official ... like a scene right out of American's Next Pregnant Model!  Once we got started, Deann - very pregnant herself - and I managed to have a very good time ... and, well, the photos are turned out even better than I expected ... considering the model not the photographer.

I also have an admission to make ... a bit of an apology ... to all of those strangers and friends-of-friends out there who thought it appropriate to comment on the small size of my belly ... well, I see it now, and I guess it wasn't all that crazy for you to take notice of my tiny bump.  I may have been somewhat harsh in my reaction to your observations.  Because, no, in fact, I did not look 35 weeks pregnant in those photographs.


Shell said...

So, so cute!

I looked like a whale by 35 weeks, so I did not document that...I should have had pics taken at like 20 weeks and called them my 35 week pics.

Evonne said...

Cute pics! I wish I would have done this when I was pregnant.

Emmett Joseph said...

D, you looked beautiful and radiant...tiny, but radiant. Okay, you look like me after a good dinner :)

Deann said...

Funny, I really picked out the photos based a lot on your expressions, more than your belly to be honest. My fav is the one in the lower left ... you look happy, sassy, and proud all at the same time! :-) Thanks again for letting me capture those sweet pre-newborn moments!

SupahMommy said...

i can't believe she's s here...

you'll treasure these pics

your belly is gorgeous you brat.. holy NO stretchmarks.

what- ever.

:) xoxo

Epiphius said...

She practiced on me too, but they're not nearly as cute! Because of the "model", not the photographer!

Chi-town momma said...

You look so good! Beautiful, happy, and in love already! I'm pretty envious that you did it - good for yoU!

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