Saturday, December 19, 2009

10:30 am

It's 10:30 am, and I am just now rolling out of bed.

Sounds so decadent, right?  Like something reserved for high schoolers and college kids.  At the very least it seems like something done on an occasional Saturday ... before starting a family.

Well, I am feeling somewhat rested, but it's not nearly as luxurious as it sounds.

At 7:30 am, I was feeding a "starving" newborn ... and then holding her upright while those two ounces of breastmilk digested.

At 8:30 am, I was eating a yummy scrambled egg and toast breakfast prepared by my awesome husband.

At just before 9:00 am, I was waving good-bye to my husband and two-year old as they left for a visit to the local kid's museum.

Back in bed just after 9:00 am and managed to sleep until the next "scheduled" feeding time ... 10:30 am.

I am living life in 3-hour chunks.  If half that time is spent sleeping (can that small amount of time even be called sleeping?), then, hey, life is good!


Shell said...

Hang in there, Mama! Eventually, you'll be able to sleep longer!

Margaret said...

I can't even imagine what it will be like when I have a new born one day. Hang in there at some point it has to get easier right????

Minkz said...

it only gets better from here on.. is all i can say.. ;)

Chief said...

Bless you. I remember those days. Good luck and remember it is all worth it

Janelle said...

Good job getting Natalie out the door for a date with daddy. I know it doesn't help the sleep part....hang in there. You are doing an awesome job!

Raising Z said...

I have been thinking about you so much lately but have been living in the crazy fog that is my life and have been unable to check in! Hang in there...I got 4 hours of sleep in a row 2 nights ago!!!!! Last night it was back to 2 1/2...oh well, you take what you can get! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas! Enjoy your beautiful girls.

Baby Sweetness said...

This too shall pass! Merry Christmas!

Mommy Lisa said...

Ah yes...the fog of the first six months - at LEAST! Honey we are here to read and tell you you are AWESOME.

Nishant said...

I have a new born one day. Hang in there at some point it has to get easier right????

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