Thursday, January 22, 2009

Laugh 'til You ... Puke?

Ugh! Houston ... or someone ... we have a problem! As much as I love Natalie's hysterical laughter, I am not so much enjoying the resulting stomach contents. This has happened on more than one occasion, and it's starting to gross me out a little.

If Natalie gets a good case of the giggles, she usually also gets the hiccups. Perhaps this is a traits she picked up from her Grammy. But at least a handful of times, those giggle-ups have also produced a fair amount of spit-up.

The first time it happened was on the way home after picking her up at Deann's (my truly wonderful version of childcare while I work on Tuesdays). I was singing Old McDonald Had a Farm, and Natalie was cracking up. Good times, good times. When all of the sudden I hear her usually hiccup followed by a gurgly, spitting sound ... followed by more laughter and her darling way of saying, "more" (it almost sounds like maa-maa). Because it was dark, I was tempted to pull over to check on her but figured if she was asking for more, it was more she'd get. And we laughed the rest of the way home. When I open the back door, I was greeted by a smiling Natalie covered in stinky, yucky puke all down the front of her jacket and carseat straps.

I've laughed 'til I've cried. I've even gotten close to peeing my pants while laughing. But puking? Seriously?

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