Sunday, January 18, 2009

I "heart" this Red Box

This is totally random, but I must share my slice of bliss. It's so simple!
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I'm never really sure what to do with all those adorable holiday cards - the store-bought ones, the photo ones. I can't bear to recycle them. I usually end up packing them along with all the other Christmas paraphernalia, and I'll give each one a quick glance as I decorate for the season. Natalie has taken this little pack-rat tradition of mine to a whole new level ... of enjoyment. This year I found a cute little red box to hold all those cards. And that little red box sat on the sofa table in our front room. And every chance she got, Natalie would ask for that little red box ... "help, help" she would sign and say. Once I lifted the box off the table and set it in the middle of the floor,
Natalie sits and looks through those cards for a good 10 minutes. She studies each one. Names the faces she recognizes. Calls out "snowman" or "deer" or "angel" with such delight!

No doubt about it ... we "heart" that little red box!

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Chi-town momma said...

While we don't have a cute red box, Benjamin ADORES going through all the Christmas cards. He loves to look at the pictures of people and all the holiday stuff!!!
Also, I am really digging the new photo collages from Picasa. Looks fun to have them in different sizes. :)

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