Thursday, December 4, 2008


Yes, I am alive and ... no, I did not run off with Nelly! :)

I have like 5 posts in-the-works ... hoping to finish at least three of them at some point today ... but in the meantime, occupy yourself at MommyDaze, the fabulous mommy message board / chit-chat forum of my dear friend and fellow blogger, Debby. First of all, Debby is SUPAH ... if you read her blog you get what I'm sayin' ... you're picking up what I'm throwin' down ...
And secondly, she has persuaded all these supah-fabO sponsors to GIVE her stuff so she can give it away ... but you've gotta visit her site and introduce yourself ... she'll explain the rest :)

1 comment:

supah ~d said...

Yo.. you won on mommydaze. :) Send me your address puh lease. :)


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