Monday, December 8, 2008

I wish ...

I wish I was little bit taller
I wish I was a baller
I wish I had a girl who looked good I would call her
I wish I had a rabbit in a hat with a batand a '64 Impala

This is Skee-Lo's simple Wish List.

Mine is, well, even simpler ...

I wish I was a little bit craftier.

I peruse all these delightful and oh-so-crafty blogs out there, and I am green with envy.
Overcome by the desire to take raw materials and produce something out of them. Something that won't produce giggles and snickers or pity-inspired, "oh, that's nice." I want ooohs and aaaahs and "oh, you're so clever." I want the kind of satisfaction I imagine must come from a craft well-done.

I have no idea how to use a sewing machine. My art supplies consist of glue sticks, colored pencils and a stack of neon paper left over from a classroom project. I do own a glue gun but I avoid using it if at all possible; there's something about me and hot, stickiness that doesn't get along. I once tried to paint a large canvas ... just black and white ... I projected an image and traced it ... and it is now "decorating" my attic. I would love to be able to whip up a cute little curtain or throw pillow ... in my spare time.

But, alas, I am not crafty ... not even a smidge.

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supah ~d said...

You're so cute Dana. :)

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