Thursday, March 13, 2008

Babies and Bellies Abound!

I find this absolutely staggering ... the number of babies born and/or conceived - in my circle of friends and family - just since Natalie was born on July 15, 2007, which is just 8 months ago, people!

  • My friend in TX had her baby boy just 12 days after Natalie was born
  • My friend and neighbor had her baby boy in September
  • My friend in VA had her second - a girl - in December
  • My friend in CO had her baby boy at the end of December
  • My friend in VA just had her baby girl this past week
  • My Stroller Strides instructor had her second - a girl - just yesterday

  • My friend in VA - pregnant with triplets - due this spring
  • My sister due - with her third - at the beginning of June
  • My nextdoor neighbor due right around Natalie's first birthday
  • My teaching partner from last year due at the end of July
  • My friend in MO due at the beginning of August
  • My friend - her first will be one at the end of March - second one due end of August
  • My college roommate just emailed me the good news that she's expecting in October

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TX momma said...

And as the friend in TX, I can add another staggering tidbit. At my school (I'm a teacher), there were FOURTEEN pregnant woman last year. We were all due between Jan and Sept. My principal stood up at a faculty meeting and told us we were no longer allowed to do "that" until school was out for the summer!

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