Sunday, February 17, 2008

Roll With It, Baby!

Natalie has been rolling over - from her back to her tummy - since the beginning of January. However, the essential skill of getting off her tummy (aka reversing the roll) has eluded her ... for six long weeks! Of course, the "tootsie sabbatical" she's been on lately has caused her rolling studies to suffer considerably. Just this weekend she finally stopped sucking her toes long enough to give this rolling thing another try.

After much practice and coaching and cheering (what is this little league?) and much to my delight, Natalie is now rolling from her tummy to her back. Not consistently, and not with much proficiency, but she's doing it! It's such a wonderfully choreographed movement ... straighten the arm, bend the opposite knee, and tilt the head back - ever so slowly. It's really the weight of that cute noggin that makes it all possible - at least in Natalie's version of the tummy-to-back waltz.
Oh, by the way, her roll only works in one direction - counterclockwise. She's bound to get dizzy before she gets too far, right?

Here's a video of her back-to-tummy roll ... and I'll try to capture her latest move in the next few days.

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