Sunday, November 6, 2011

it's just a walk in the park

it's officially fall in the NW
is it rainy?  yep.
chilly?  of course.
beautiful?  that, too!

Those hours between end of nap and dinnertime are perfect for walks to our neighborhood park!

CJV is happiest when walking sprinting down the sidewalk with reckless abandon. She giggles non-stop ... except when she does stop to pick up a berry or a rock-y or just to examine a crack in the sidewalk.  In that regard, my little peanut is such a typical toddler!

She also loves to chase after her big sister ... and crunch the leaves with her {fake} Ugg boots!

My sweet daredevil will attempt to CLIMB anything in her path.  She is fearless and dangerous and just so cute!

On the rare occasion I catch her sitting still, her bright blue eyes and sweet smile just melt my heart!

And then there's my crazy, silly Natalie.  It seems I take a lot less pictures of her these days.  Mainly because she is so aware of the camera.  I love this shot because it is so her ... wild tufts of hair, bright blue eyes, and mouth open because she is saying something ... probably telling me a story or asking me a question (or 12).

While the girls played, I occupied myself with a little project ... using leaves to form the first letters of their names ... and now my goal is to do something like this for each season!

There is nothing like watching my girls grow up together!


Emmett Joseph said...

Love these pics, and I love the leaf initials. I think you need to do something like this to frame ;)

Lee-Ann said...

Oh what a great idea! I love it!

BJ_Mama said...

You are kidding me with these photos!!!! Mama is gettin' GOOOOD! Love them! It reminds me how much I love taking pics...and need to take more :)

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