Tuesday, September 13, 2011

making friends at preschool

Today was NHV's first day of preschool. Despite the fact that we were running a few minutes late this morning, I did take photos ... as if that was even an option!  Of course, I grabbed my camera!

As I was checking my settings, I could see that Natalie had something on her mind.

Once I was ready to shoot, I asked, "What are you thinking about, sweet girl?"

She responded, "Making new friends.  How do you make new friends, mama?"

I said, "Hmmmm, let's think about this ...could you say Hi and tell them your name?"

"Yeah, ... OR I could wink at them!"

"That could work ... but sometimes it's better just to smile."

"Yeah, OR I could make really funny faces ... like this!"

Here's hoping my firstborn has a wonderful preschool experience ... and somehow manages to make some new friends along the way :)


Jamie P said...

I'd go with the funny faces too!

Emmett Joseph said...

Who wouldn't want to be friends with that sweet girl??

Chi-town momma said...

Did the faces work in her favor? She is a hoot!

Working Mommy said...

Making friends is always the hard part, isn't it?! I'm sure she will do fine!


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