Saturday, September 27, 2008

Beautiful Weather Park Tour

Our reputation here in the NW proceeds us ... and it really does rain its fair share here in the Evergreen State. However, you should also know that when the weather is nice, it's is reeeaallly beautiful ... and based on the month of September, plentiful, too.
As a result, we have been frequenting the local parks ... OFTEN ... like just about every single day, sometimes twice a day. And we've branched out beyond the parks right here in our 'hood - although in a time crunch, they are still our favorite - we've been on a bit of a park tour right here in the 'Quah.
The swing is no longer NHV's favorite - in her pre-walking days, she would sit in that swing for like 20 minutes, especially when there were kids playing ... it was equivalent to sitting on the couch watching your favorite show! Now, she'll ask to swing - I taught her the sign - but she signs "all done" long before the swing ever reaches a decent height/speed. She longs to be where the action is, and really who can blame her? My time at the park is spent following her up the stairs and down the slide ... under the "choo-choo" train and out the other side - this one requires me to crawl through the mulch ... oh, and on the days I forget to bring her ball with us, I spend a significant amount of time asking kids if she may play with their ball or chasing her down to return a ball to a disgruntled kid and removing a visibly upset Natalie from the eyes of other mommies. That girls loves the B-A-L-L-S!

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And I love spending sunny days at the park with my baby girl!

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Laura said...

I enjoyed the picasa pictures so much. Little NHV is growing so big!!! I hope she likes me when you guys come home for X-mas. Give her a big hug and a kiss from her Auntie Laurla.

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